Rudolf Steiner House

Autumn / Winter Events

September - December 2017

More To Life

Drawing on our innate spiritual capacities to live in the world more fully

In this series of four talks, relating to different areas of life and work, each speaker draws on the insights and indications of Rudolf Steiner to find deeper human capacities that bring fresh and renewing approaches to engage more meaningfully and ethically in the world.

Crossing Boundaries
The adventure of Rudolf Steiner’s inner path

With Marjatta van Boeschoten
No booking required and all welcome.

19th September 2017
£7 (£5 concessions)

In this talk we will consider the possibility that there is “more to life than meets the eye” and that this “more” can give us insights and inspiration that enable us to act in the world with greater wisdom, effectiveness and compassion.

Marjatta van Boeschoten is the General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain. Having been a Waldorf pupil, a lawyer and then a management consultant, she founded her own business working on human development at work and building collaboration in and between large national and international companies and organisations. She is on the Board of Trustees of Triodos Bank.

Science, Meaning and the Imagination
How can we bring the human being back into our science?

With Jonathan Code
No booking required and all welcome.

3rd October 2017
£7 (£5 concessions)

In this talk we will trace developments in culture and science that have led us to have immense factual knowledge at our fingertips, while also experiencing a potentially dangerous loss of meaning for our lives. We will also be ‘meeting’ some remarkable plants through observation and artistic exercises.

Jonathan Code is a lecturer with, and Deputy Director of, Crossfields Institute International. He co-leads on CII’s MA in Researching Holistic Agroecology, run in collaboration with Alanus Hochschule, Germany. His book Muck and Mind: Encountering Biodynamic Agriculture (Lindisfarne Press 2014) explores the potential for alchemical ways of knowing to inform contemporary research and practice in land stewardship.

Resetting our Inner Compass
Activating inner forces of the body

With David McGavin
All welcome, no need to book

7th November 2017
£7 (£5 concessions)

In increasingly uncertain and challenging times, with a rise in chronic illnesses, apprehension and fear can limit our confidence and capacity to act. In this talk we will discover how, through activating inner forces of the body, not accessible to usual cognitive or psychological approaches, we can be refreshed to find new energy, courage and creativity for our current problems and future tasks.

David McGavin is an anthroposophic GP working at Vanbrugh NHS Community Pain Management Clinic in Greenwich. He specialises in rehabilitation of patients with multimorbidity and for whom there are limited treatment options. The clinic, which works hand in hand with Kairos Rehabilitation Trust, was finalist in the British Medical Association 2017 Awards for Innovation.

Virtual Reality - Artistic Presence
Recovering our own expression in an age of communication

With Coralee Frederickson
All welcome, no need to book

5th December 2017
£7 (£5 concessions)

Today we have infinitely more possibilities for communicating, via social media for example, but at the same time we can feel disconnected from our real feelings, thoughts and intentions and from the world around us. In this talk/workshop we will explore the role of art as the bridge back to ourselves and to an experience of a living world. It will include short exercises in movement and writing.

Coralee Frederickson is an international trainer of Eurythmy (an art of movement developed by Rudolf Steiner) and is co-carrier of the MA in Eurythmy at Alanus University in Witten, Germany. She wrote her doctoral thesis on the poetry of Emily Dickinson.