Study Groups

ALL WELCOME to a single session or a whole series. No prior knowledge expected. We read and share reflections on anthroposophical theme with as much emphasis on listening as on speaking. Working together means we can experience much more than we would alone! No need to book.

Small donations towards expenses welcome: £3/£2 

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The Spiritual Guidance of the Individual
and Humanity

With Trevor Dance

14th & 28th January; 11th & 25th February;
11th & 25th March


This short book is regarded as a ‘classic’ work of spiritual science and the lectures were amongst the very few revised by Steiner himself. We are given a deeply rewarding perspective of the age in which we live and the cultural life of our times. Whilst the obstacles and retarded spirits that hinder our development are described, we are given the encouragement, knowledge and strength to enliven our culture.


The Temple Legend

With Dr Sue Peat and Adrian Hotten

21st January; 4th & 18th February; 4th &
18th March; 1st April


These 20 lectures were given to members of Rudolf Steiner’s first Esoteric School between 1904 and 1906. They throw light on the content of the picture-language of myths, sagas and legends. In order to work with pictures or symbols today we first need to become acquainted with their esoteric content. They clarify the history and nature of the cultic tradition including principally Freemasonry and its background, but also the Rosicrucians, Manichaeism, the Druids, the Prometheus Saga, the Lost Temple, Cain and Abel, and much else besides.



 The Gospel of St John in Relation to the Other Three Gospels

With Brendan McQuillan

Weekly from 15th January – February 19th


Steiner’s Gospel lectures are based on his research in the Akashic record and reveal great insight into the original documents. We will be continuing with these lectures given in Kassel in June and July 1909.


The Fifth Gospel

With Brendan McQuillan

Weekly from February 26th until April 2nd


As we approach Easter it seems appropriate to end our recent Gospel studies with some of the most significant of Steiner’s lectures which reveal the profound inner experiences of Jesus of Nazareth as he pursued his everyday work in the wider community before the Baptism and describe the life of Christ thereafter. They were given in Oslo in October 1913.



The Riddles of Philosophy

With Trevor Dance

16th & 30th January; 13th & 27th
February; 13th & 27th March


The group continues with our study of this Steiner masterwork in which he affords the reader lofty insights into the ideas of western philosophy and the underpinnings of anthroposophy. Much more than a straightforward history, the book penetrates the spiritual impulses themselves which underlie the works of the great thinkers. Now is a good time to join as we are just beginning part 2, which is fairly independent of part 1. No prior knowledge of the book is required.


Background to the Gospel of St Mark

With William Bishop

23rd January; 6th & 20th February; 6th &
20th March; 3rd April


Thirteen lectures by Rudolf Steiner from 1910-1911. These give a wide-ranging context for a deep understanding of the profound truths in the Gospel according to St Mark.


Spiritual Reading Group

With Malcolm Gluck

Weekly from Jan 16th until April 3rd  


A freewheeling (one might say random) group which will not concentrate on a complete book, or lecture, but will pick and choose, perhaps dealing with a single astonishing paragraph of spiritual science. If you seek for the answer to the meaning of Life, or how to cope with existence, this is the group for you. Newcomers are especially welcome. A knowledge of Rudolf Steiner or anthroposophy is always helpful but not essential. This is a rich and profoundly collaborative group, with smiles as broad, sincere, and deep as the areas it investigates.


Essential Steiner – Reading and Conversation Group

With David Lowe

Weekly from 16th January – April 10th


Our conversation will be drawn from The Inner Aspect of the Social Question, three lectures by Rudolf Steiner given in February and March 1919. Themed conversations will replace the above on the following dates: 6th February: The impulse common to the activity of Jundishapur and the destruction of the Templar Order and how this manifests in our time. 6th March: How the culture of ancient Egypt relates to the culture of our time. 10th April: To what extent does Judas have responsibility for the betrayal of Jesus and how does he stand in relation to the other disciples.



Lunchtime Meetings at RSH

Every Friday from 1.00–ca. 2.00 or 2.30pm

11th January – 4th April  at 2.30pm

*Except Friday 22nd February where the meeting will take place on Saturday 23rd February at 2.30pm*

Join us for informal conversations on an anthroposophical theme in the relaxed atmosphere of Steiner House. This will sometimes include short talks by invited contributors. Please bring your own lunch.

For further information please contact Penny Tyler via E: or M: 07914 022 633



Exploring Anthroposophy Monthly on Saturdays


12th January, 2nd February, 2nd March, 6th April.

These conversations are designed especially – but not exclusively – for those new to anthroposophy. They aim to cultivate a deeper understanding of the foundations of anthroposophy using thought and perception exercises. Meetings will be held in the foyer of RSH and are open to all.

To express your interest contact Glenn Charles E: or M: 07554 000280




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