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ALL WELCOME to a single session or a whole series. No prior knowledge expected. We read and share reflections on anthroposophical theme with as much emphasis on listening as on speaking. Working together means we can experience much more than we would alone! No need to book.

Small donations towards expenses welcome: £3/£2 

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Karmic Relationships, Volume 1

With Trevor Dance

6th May Bank Holiday - RSH closed, no meeting

20th May; 3rd & 17th June; 1st & 15th July

7.00 – 8.30pm

This profoundly esoteric series of lectures examines the underlying laws inherent in reincarnation and karma and explores, in detail, successive incarnations of specific historical figures. All are very welcome to join our lively group for this unique opportunity to study these revealing insights together. Our summer programme offers the chance to join the group from the very beginning of the series, but newcomers are very welcome anytime.


The Temple Legend

With Dr Sue Peat and Adrian Hotten

27th May Bank Holiday - RSH closed, no meeting

13th May; 10th & 24th June; 8th July

7.00 – 8.30pm

We will be continuing with the lectures given to members of Rudolf Steiner’s first Esoteric School between 1904 and 1906. They throw light on the content of the picture-language of myths, sagas and legends. Pictures, Steiner explains, are the real origin of all things – the primeval spiritual causes. In order to work with pictures or symbols today we first need to become acquainted with their esoteric content. He gave these lectures as a necessary preparation for the planned second section of his Esoteric School, which was to deal in a direct way with a renewal of ritual and symbolism. They clarify the history and nature of the cultic tradition including principally Freemasonry and its background, but also the Rosicrucians, Manichaeism, the Druids, the Prometheus Saga, the Lost Temple, Cain and Abel – and much else besides.



 At the Gates of Spiritual Science

With Brendan McQuillan

21st May; 4th & 18th June; 2nd & 16th July

7.15 – 8.45pm

These Stuttgart lectures are an extremely accessible introduction to the ideas and content of spiritual science and form an excellent and concise complement to Steiner’s basic written works, such as Theosophy and Cosmic Memory. They cover the nature of the human being, the three worlds, life after death, karma, the evolutionary epochs, and the path of inner development.




The Riddles of Philosophy

With Trevor Dance

8th & 22nd May; 5th & 19th June; 3rd & 17th July

2.00 – 4.00pm

The group continues with our study of this Steiner masterwork in which he affords the reader lofty insights into the ideas of western philosophy and the underpinnings of anthroposophy. Much more than a straightforward history, the book penetrates the spiritual impulses themselves which underlie the works of the great thinkers. Now is a good time to join us as we examine the ideas of the nineteenth century philosophers and thinkers like Darwin who still influence people today. No prior knowledge of the book is required. 


Background to the Gospel of St Mark

With William Bishop

May 15th & 29th; June 12th & 26th; July 10th

2.00 – 4.00pm

We will be continuing with these lectures by Rudolf Steiner from 1910 – 1911. They give a wide-ranging context for a deep understanding of the profound truths in the Gospel according to St. Mark.


The Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature

With Brendan McQuillan

May 22nd; June 5th & 19th; July 3rd & 17th

4.15 - 6.00pm 

These lectures from Helsinki encompass the intimacy of the elementals all the way to the sublimity of the Seraphim and consider the relationships of the spiritual beings of the hierarchies to individual planets and their moons, to the sun and to comets. All set against the cosmic backdrop of other solar systems, and in the context of the reciprocal natures of human being and cosmos. With the help of sketches and selected readings we will take a detailed look at the cosmic relationships of the various spiritual beings.


Essential Steiner – Reading and Conversation Group

With David Lowe

Wednesdays Weekly from May 8th until July 10th

7.15 – 8.45pm

One of the most essential of Steiner’s lectures and not just for teachers, is the second lecture of the series entitled The Study of Man , given as part of the preparation for teachers of the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart. It explores in a comprehensive way the relationship between our thinking, our feeling, and our life of will. This is central not only to a healthy view of the human being but is the key to how we can deal with the unhealthy social life of our time. This lecture provides the cornerstone of our theme for the term.


Psychology – A Summer Reading and Conversation Group

With David Lowe

Wednesdays Weekly from July 17th to Aug 7th and Sept 4th to 25th

7.15 – 8.45pm

Regular members of the Wednesday group - Adam, Fateh, Jenny, Michael, and Simon - along with others, will make contributions to the theme. The subjects will include: Benefits of Meditation; Psychology and the Occult; Spiritual Science and Psychology. Each week we will read a passage from Goethe’s Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily.




Exploring Anthroposophy

2.30pm – 3.30pm

13th April, 4th May, 25th May, 15th June, 6th July

Join us for conversation and study on anthroposophical themes. The aim is to cultivate a deeper understanding of the foundations of anthroposophy through discussion, short presentations and exercises. Meetings will be held in the foyer of RSH and are open to all. For further information please contact Glenn Charles      

E: M: 07554 000 280





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