Study Groups

The following study groups are offered at Rudolf Steiner House.
All are welcome and there is no need to book. Donation £3 (£2 concessions).



With Trevor Dance
7th & 21st May; 4th & 18th June; 2nd & 16th July

7pm to 8.30pm

The fundamental book by Rudolf Steiner ‘Theosophy’ begins with a description of the three-fold nature of the human being: the body or sense-world, the soul or inner world, and the spirit or universal world of cosmic archetypes. It continues with a discussion of reincarnation and karma and a description of the soul’s journey after death on its path to a new incarnation and ends by outlining a path to this higher knowledge.


From Jesus to Christ
With Dr Sue Peat and Adrian Hotten
14th & 28th May; 11th & 25th June; 9th July
7pm to 8.30pm

Many are beginning a new search for an understanding of the life, death and resurrection of Christ and its meaning. In these lectures given in Karlsruhe in October, 1911, Rudolf Steiner shows howthe ‘Mystery of Golgotha’ can be seen as a pivotal event of human history and The
Gospels seen as ‘initiation documents’.

Sue is a medical consultant with a specialist interest in pain control, and Adrian is a retired accountant





The Gospel of St John
With Brendan McQuillan
1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th May; 5th, 12th 19th & 26th June; 3rd, 10th & 17th July
7.15pm to 9pm
Steiner’s approach to his Gospel lectures aims to provide insight from his own research in the Akashic record into the experience of the individuals involved in the Gospels, and thereby to independently corroborate and expand the Gospels revelations. We will be reading 12 lectures given in Hamburg in May 1908, on ‘The Gospel of St. John’, which many hold to be the most profound of the Gospels.






The Riddles of Philosophy
With Trevor Dance
9th & 23rd May, 6th & 20th June; 4th & 18th July
2pm to 4pm
The group continues with this Steiner masterwork in which he affords the reader lofty insights into the ideas of western philosophy. Much more than a straightforward history, the book penetrates the spiritual impulses which underlie the works of the great thinkers.
No prior knowledge is required.

The Riddle of Man with William Bishop
With William Bishop
16th & 30th May; 13th & 27th June; 11th July

2pm to 4pm

Written with passion during the First World War this book by Rudolf Steiner asserts the universal relevance of the quest by philosophers of German Idealism to discover the ego’s ability to experience the spiritual

Essential Steiner – Reading and Conversation Group
With David Lowe
25th April; 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th May; 6th,
13th, 20th & 27th June; 4th & 11th July
7.15pm to 8.45pm
Themes for our reading and conversation this term will
include the myth of Isis in its ancient and modern forms;
humanity getting younger while advancing in time; the
duality of the human being; the relationship between
head - knowledge and heart - knowledge;
and how we can connect again with reality. They
will be based on lectures given by Rudolf Steiner
in January 1918.
The Michael Mystery combined with readings from the
History and Contents of the First Section of the Esoteric
School 1904-1914
With Brendan McQuillan
23rd, 30th May; 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th June; 4th, 11th,
18th July
4.15pm to 6pm
The Michael Mystery comprises 29 weekly
letters from Rudolf Steiner to Anthroposophical
Society members, written near the end of his life.
They contain the profound wisdom of Anthroposophy
presented in an apparently simple style. We will spend the
first part of each session reading and discussing a letter,
then end with quiet reflection. The remainder of each session
will be spent considering the letters,documents and
lectures published as ‘From the History and Contents of the
First Section of the Esoteric School 1904 to 1914’.

Performing Arts Courses




Studio programme
27th January and 1st March
6pm -6.30pm 
Demonstration with music and speech pieces, talk, questions and answers
Suggested donation £5 (£3 concessions)
Move, create, express, enjoy!
21st January, 18th February and 18th March
2pm - 4pm
Booking essential at:

In-depth classes

Looking at Art
Illustrated talks with David Lowe
7.15pm - 8.45pm
Suggested donation £5/£3 concessions
We will be looking at two artists from the
early Renaissance, and one from the late
1800s. The talk will be followed at a later
date by a visit to the National Gallery.
January 24
Paolo Uccello (1397 to 1475).
Uccello was part of the development of
art in Florence, through the 1400s. We are
fortunate to have some of his paintings here
in London and in excellent condition.

February 14
Jan Van Eyck (1390 to 1441).
This artist's influence on the pre-Raphaelites
was the theme of a National Gallery
exhibition centering on the painting, the
Arnolfini Wedding. We will be looking at
this and other examples of Van Eyck's work
including the magnificent Ghent altarpiece.

March 14th
George Seurat (1859 to 1891).
The development of pointillism had a strong
influence on Seurat and the Impressionists.
His painting, The Bathers, is a significant
presence in the Impressionists rooms in
the National Gallery. We will be looking at
his most celebrated painting, Sunday at La
Grande Jatte, as well as his drawings and
smaller paintings.

David Lowe MA is an art historian and has
lectured widely in the UK and the USA. He
regularlv gives talks on Art Historv at Steiner
House and has been hosting and co-hosting
study groups at Steiner house for over
30 years.

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