Day Meeting on Christological Research


“The life of Christ will, from the twentieth century on, be felt increasingly in the souls of human beings as a direct personal experience.”

From: ‘Christ at the Time of the Mystery of Golgotha and Christ in the Twentieth Century’ Rudolf Steiner, London 2nd May, 1913 Following our day meeting in January, when we explored this vital theme and found much of common interest, we will at our next meeting in June venture further into deepening our understanding of and personal relationship to the Etheric Christ in our time. We intend that these biannual one-day workshops will become a focal point for research that continues throughout the year by individuals and local groups. Participants at the first event in January found small group work especially valuable so we will continue with this
and allow more time for them. The event will also include:
• Contemplative work on a text that we will circulate in advance;
• Presentations and discussion on ‘The Spiritual Event of our Time’;
• Movement with Eurythmy;
• Conversation in small groups to further develop the dialogues started at the first meeting in January.

We will be asking those who attended in January about any pre-reading they may wish to circulate in advance.

This workshop is open to new attenders.

There will be a charge of £10 for this event to be paid in cash on the day. For more information and to let us know if you intend to come please contact Ilona Pimbert at Rudolf Steiner House in advance: E: