Goethean Psychology and the Human "I"

With Graham Kennish

Saturday 13th July 2019

10am - 1pm

To develop as a human being is to give birth to the experience of  "I am".   Neither nature nor nurture are the ultimate defining forces in our lives, but the spiritual entity we experience as  “I am”. It is through our common experience of “I am” that we recognise one another as human.

We are aware that we are aware.

We live in a mammalian body, but we are not mammals. “I am not my body”.

We often lose touch with this "I" when our inner reactions to outer events cloud it with confused and sometimes powerful feelings.

When we can observe our 'emotional body' and bring meaning and understanding to it,  we no longer 'see through a glass darkly', but become fully present within it. The language of the emotional body is not words, but gestures and sounds (“it wasn't so much what s/he said as how s/he said it” expresses this reality very well).

In this workshop on 'Goethean Psychology', gesture will be used as a way to safely explore some common daily confusions. Since gestures, not words, are the medium, each participant's experience is private, no intimacies need be divulged, yet the recognition of our shared inner dynamics can lead us to feel more deeply in touch with ourselves and, therefore, with one another.


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