Healing the Wounds of Europe

Re-evaluating the Events of 1914–1919 • Solving the Brexit Riddle • Imagining a New Europe

Saturday 14th September 2019 - Sunday 15th September 2019


An open event with talks, performances and discussion



Wilbert Lambrechts, author of An appeal for a Generous Europe

Terry Boardman, author of Mapping the Millennium



Rewinding the War, a staged reading of a new play by Richard Ramsbotham

Where are the dissidents of the West? Dramatised readings of the words of Edmund Morel and other anti-war protesters, performed by Alexander Gifford and Matthew Dexter

The Peace Prelude, an original music and euryhthmy piece by Gregers and Sigune Brinch

Organised by Richard Ramsbotham, Alexander Gifford and Adrian Locher in association with the Humanities Section of the School of Siritual Science


Cost: £50; concessions available

Tickets available at the door and via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/healing-the-wounds-of-europe-tickets-61928890980


For more information please call 020 7723 4400