The Foundation Stone Meditation - THE ESSENCE OF BEING HUMAN

With Auke van der Meij, Shaina Shoer (Eurythmy), Sibylle Eichstaedt (Recitation) and Marjatta van Bo

The ‘Foundation Stone Meditation’ is a meditation that was given by Rudolf Steiner as a vision of the archetype and potential of the human being. It could be called a meditative summary of the whole of anthroposophy.

Beginning with the words ‘Human Soul’ it describes the human being in its essence of body, soul and spirit, with its infinite potential to become ever more human in the highest and fullest sense. We will explore what that means, and what the 'best possible future' of humanity could be. Finding and realizing this potential is at the heart of anthroposophy as a whole.

We live in the time of Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence which raises the question whether there are forces at work that want to deprive and block us from reaching our full human potential, and turn us instead into sophisticated machines. Through the Foundation Stone Meditation we learn to understand how we as modern people can relate to the Cosmos in its spiritual dimension, and bring spiritual impulses to all our earthly affairs, working with our threefold nature towards a truly human future.

The conference will include short talks on the Foundation Stone Meditation, meditative exercises, small group conversation, recitation and eurythmy.

 With Auke van der Meij, Shaina Shoer (Eurythmy), Sibylle Eichstaedt (Recitation) and Marjatta van Boeschoten

All are welcome, but some familiarity with the basic concepts of Anthroposophy will be assumed. 

Please request a registration form from the Office to book your place.

The cost of the two-day conference is £35 or £25 with a concession.

As places are limited kindly consider booking early.