Karma and Reincarnation – How does it work?

With Wim Wolbrink

Thursday 15th November 2018


Many people feel that there is much more than we can see with our eyes. In this workshop we will do some exercises to experience that part which cannot be seen, and which is eternal. From there we will role-play what is really happening on a subtle level when you die. At the end of the evening, you will hopefully have a new felt sense of what might be happening between death and rebirth.

Wim Wolbrink is the director of the Dutch National Storytelling School. A storyteller and storytelling teacher for more than 20 years, he organises storytelling festivals and workshops mainly in Japan, Belgium, UK and the Netherlands. Through organising festivals, he brought thousands of people together around certain themes such as Freedom, the Threefold Social Order and Karma and Reincarnation.


£7 (£5 students)