Spirituality and Pop Music

With Malin Starrett

Thursday 4th October 2018


Pop is all around you – and in you – whether you like it or not. It’s there in the air aurally and it passes right through our bodies electromagnetically – with all the pop music radio broadcasting. This isn’t an issue that should be ignored. If you go down to the woods today, you might receive a partial respite from the double-stimulating electromagnetic transmission smog, but then the elemental beings might actually want to know what’s up in pop – after all this is what most people’s soul life is at! Come along for a strange mix of technology, fun, soulfulness, spirituality and the future of humanity.

Malin Starrett has had a fascination with pop music and radio since childhood. Later he got more involved in the local music scene, making pop videos and helping to run a dance music club in Belfast. He has also spent 8 years solo in a dusty workshop, meeting a lot with machine tools, Chladni plates and the workshop radio.

£7 (£5 students)