Relationships as a Path of Discovery

More to Life

Tuesday 17th April 2018


With Steve Briault

Our relationships - with our family, colleagues, friends, lovers, partners - are decisive factors in our lives. More than outer success, wealth or fame, they make the difference between joy and sorrow, development and stagnation, fulfilment and frustration. They both stimulate and require us to reflect on our own initiatives and reactions. They lead us to thresholds of emotion and discovery.

In this talk Steve will share perspectives and insights on the inner aspect of relationships of all kinds, as described in his book The Mystery of Meeting. This session will include short experiential exercises and end with a straightforward method for improving an actual relationship.

After a long career in community and organization development, Steve Briault is now Director of Development at Emerson College. 

All welcome, £7 (£5 concessions)