An Introduction to Gardening the Biodynamic Way

With Dr Sue Peat and Philip Martyn

Sunday 24th February 2019

2 - 5pm

Biodynamics is an organic method of cultivation, arising out of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual research. It works with the rhythms of the movements of the sun, moon, planets and stars which plants respond to. The workshop will cover the background to the biodynamic planting calendar, composting and the biodynamic preparations. Participants will be invited to exchange gardening seasonal tips, ideas and experiences. For the last hour we will stir the horn manure preparation (known as 500), so bring an empty screw top bottle if you want to take some home. A 500ml bottle is enough for an average garden.

The workshop is suitable for those new to biodynamics and for anyone who would like to give their garden, window boxes or house plants a spring treat!

Philip Martyn and Dr Sue Peat are longterm students of Rudolf Steiner. Alongside their professional work as lawyer (Philip, now retired) and medical consultant (Sue) they have both been passionate about biodynamic gardening for many years.

All welcome, no need to book £10.00 / £5.00