Body and Soul Movement

With Aude d’Outremonde

Thursday 11th October 2018 - Sunday 21st October 2018

7.15pm - 9pm

Introductory Talks
Thursday 11th Oct 7.15–9pm 
suggested donation £5/ concessions £3

Sunday 21st Oct 2–5pm
Taster Sessions £25

A Life full of Health and Vigour
The human body constitutes the link between earth and heaven, or cosmos – the physical and the soul-spiritual aspects of a person. Yet many people are no longer aware of the inherent connection between
their body, soul and spirit. They don’t feel the subtle energy movements within themselves that travel between and connect these fundamental aspects of human life. Body, Soul and Spirit cannot be separated from one another. Together, they form the sacred trinity of life, and their alignment constitutes the basis of emotional and physical health. Body & Soul Movement works on the different ‘layers’ of a person, from the physical body into the subtle, inner energy body, and through the energy body into the soul.
On the physical level, it addresses the spine, and all joints, alleviating aches, pains and stiffness, bringing about ease of movement and a feeling of physical lightness. The spine is the axis that allows us to stand and walk tall through life. All organs and the physical as well as the physiological bodily functions are linked to it, as it houses a large part of the central nervous system in the spinal marrow, which is in fact, an extension of the brain. Through posture, movement and breath, physical blockages are released from joints, muscles, soft tissues, and organs.

Vibrant Energy
Body & Soul Movement cleanses, nourishes and activates the energy pathways and energy centres. It is through these subtle energy structures that body and soul communicate with one another. Blockages of energetic and also of emotional origin are dissolved, bringing about equilibrium, radiance of being. We become stronger, and able to navigate through the turbulences of the stream of life with greater ease.

Soul Development and Inner Growth
The Soul is the seat of our emotions and is strongly connected to the energy-heart. Energy body and soul meet and overlay and ‘inter-are’ with one another, just as the physical and the energy body do. Our
soul carries all the information from the beginning of time. We have lived through innumerable experiences, which have left an emotional imprint. There is no need to unravel every single incident since the
beginning of the universe. It is however important to give ourselves the chance to let go of unnecessary emotional and energetic baggage. Body & Soul Movement helps to release anything that we no longer need,
and are often unaware of, yet can be the underlying cause of many health and life issues.

Aude D’Outremonde has during the past 20 years dedicated herself to the study of the link between posture & movement and emotional & physical health.
The foundation of her work is rooted in the practice of ancient movement arts, such as Daoyin and Taiji, their underlying philosophy, and the wisdom teachings of the East (Daoism & Buddhism) and West (in particular Steiner, and the Gnostic teachings). From 2000 until 2011 Aude has been studying and working with the founder Dr. Shen Hongxun (a medical doctor of Western and Traditional Chinese medicine who spent a lifetime studying and researching the effect of movement and meditation on health and wellbeing). Together they taught in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Norway and UK.

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