Goethean Psychology


Friday 15th March 2019 - Saturday 16th March 2019

With Graham Kennish

A Psychology of Freedom. Handling stress and conflict in our professional and personal lives.

Friday 15th 7.30–9pm

An introduction to the Saturday morning workshop, but attendance is not a requirement for the workshop. Graham will identify the historical impediments that have indered an anthroposophical psychology from developing, then introduce Rudolf Steiner’s seminal lectures, which lead to a ‘Psychology of Freedom,’ paralleling his Philosophy of Freedom.

Saturday 16th 10am–1 pm

Participants can discover archetypal processes in the psychology of the soul through perception of their own gestures, involving no analysis or interpretation
by themselves or others. No personal intimacies need be shared and the process
is entirely confidential to yourself and the gestures you create. The workshop lays the ground for learning how to create a gesture language and tools to effectively handle stress and conflict in professional and personal life situations.

Charge: Friday evening £5, Saturday morning: Free.
(Donations welcome, but not required)

For further details please contact
E: kennish46@gmail.com
M: 07973 680 959