All Intro to Anthro Events

Encountering Anthroposophy for the first time can be like meeting a wise elephant: you may want to get to know the elephant, but a hug is going to be a bit of a stretch. Intro to Anthro takes 8 areas of Anthroposophy and explains them in such a way as to be of use to someone interested in starting a spiritual path. Most evenings are a combination of lectures and activities. This series has been designed by Alex Wright as a course with the knowledge building week on week. Alex Wright has an MA in Law from Oxford University, is a qualified Steiner Waldorf Class Teacher and a graduate of the three year Emerson Visual Arts Course. The course costs £70 (£50 students). You are welcome to attend the 1st or 2nd evenings for £10 (£7 students) and then pay the balance should you decide to continue. For further info please get in touch Rudolf Steiner House. Tickets available here