All Spirit In Action Events

A series of evenings aimed at people in their 20s and 30s with an interest in spirituality, but all are welcome. Most evening will be a blend of teaching and activities, usually with some connection to Anthroposophy, a contemporary spiritual path created by Rudolf Steiner for people who want both to develop themselves spiritually and to help the world. You are welcome to attend all the evenings, or your own selection. Hosted by Alex Wright. Contribution: £10 (£7 students) pay on the door, no cards.

  • Thursday 1st October
    7.30pm - 9pm
    With Inessa Burdich
    This talk is mainly focussed on the spiritual worlds and the human spiritual constitution. Our developed higher spiritual structure consists of 3 parts - Spirit Self (Manas), Life Spirit (Buddhi) and Spirit Man (Atman). We develop these over multiple lifetimes and they remain active in the spiritual worlds between incarnations. They also give us an orientation towards other souls in a process of spiritual-community building. Inessa will be giving a 4 weekend course on Research in Spiritual Science at Emerson College, starting 11th December 2020. science
    Inessa graduated as a physicist and then spent 20 years in an international business career. She has been an active meditator for over 30 years and is a professional supersensible researcher specialising in diagnosing the spiritual components of cancer, psychosomatic illnesses, vaccination, addiction and autistic spectrum disorder.
    Contribution: £10 (£7 students) pay on the door, no card payment.
  • Thursday 15th October
    7.30pm - 9pm
    With Ralf Roessner
    Water is more than just a commonplace liquid, it has uses both mundane and sacred. You can find it in your taps, on the altar in Tibetan Buddhist Temples, in Mosaic water blessings and in the miraculous Zamzam fountain in Mecca. In nature trees communicate with each other and uphold the life giving cycle between heaven and earth through the medium of water. Through looking at all these uses we can begin to understand what Paracelsus meant when he said, Water is life.
    Ralf will be holding an earth bee-hive workshop at Lauriston BD farm in Essex the following weekend, call 01342 827 967 for details,
    Ralf has 20 years experience as a researcher of the esoteric life of water and developer of vortexing products to revivify energetically depleted water. He is also a former Steiner School art teacher, biodynamic farmer of light root and a beekeeper,
    Contribution: £10 (£7 students) pay on the door, no card payment.
  • Thursday 29th October
    7.30pm - 9pm
    With Are Thoresen
    For many years Are has been able to clairvoyantly see the etheric world and its multitude of entities, a part of this world directly concerned with the foundation of material existence is the elementary world. Recently his perception of the three realms of the elementary world has deepened, along with an understanding of how these realms connect with the astral and angelic worlds.
    Are is a Norwegian vet and acupuncturist with significant clairvoyant capacity and experience. He runs an independent holistic healing practice and is the author of ‘Demons & Healing’ and ‘Experiences from the Threshold’, both published by Temple Lodge. Are’s latest book, 'The Three Realms of the Elemental World', is now available on Amazon and at the RSH Bookshop on request.
    He will also be giving a workshop on a different topic at Emerson College the following weekend,
    Contribution: £10 (£7 students) pay on the door, no card payment.
  • Thursday 26th November
    7.30pm - 9pm
    With Oliver Perceval
    Many people today have concerns about the effect on them of ever more pervasive Wi-Fi technology. In this illustrated talk we will take a layman's look at the underlying science behind the devices, including 5G, how they affect our physical and mental health, and what we can do to live healthily with them. We will also discuss what are safe exposure levels.
    Oliver is a practising architect with an interest in healthy buildings and healthy people. He is involved in national and local campaign groups raising awareness about wireless radiation to schools and councils,
    Contribution: £10 (£7 students) pay on the door, no card payment.