Introduction to Biography Work and Social Art

Thursday 19th March 7.30pm - 9pm
With Anne de Wild

A biography is the life of a human being from birth to death. When we think of an animal we can’t speak of a biography because the freedom humans have in acting and thinking has no parallel in animals. A person’s biography is not simply the sequence of days and years filled with incidents or occurrences that comprise their lifespan. Rather it’s a vessel that holds within itself secrets that reveal themselves when working and connecting with one’s own biography. Everything in life can be decisive and yet, when it happens, you often don’t know the full extent of its meaning.

Anne is a naturopath and biography worker in Basel, Switzerland. She devotes the majority of her working life to biography and social art to show her clients and participants in her lectures that their lives are full of wonder and that they can draw courage from this for the challenges of everyday life. Artful listening and humour are the main ingredients she works with.

Tickets £10 (£7 students)

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