The Foundation Stone Meditation conference

Saturday 9 October 11am - Sunday 10 October 3.30pm

with Christiane Haid, Leader of the Humanities Section and Arts Section at the Goetheanum
Coralee Frederickson (Eurythmy)
Marjatta van Boeschoten, General Secretary

The Foundation Stone Meditation
“And Michael’s world is the one which reveals itself in rhythm” (GA 26)

When Rudolf Steiner presented the Foundation Stone Meditation at the Christmas Conference in 1923, he gave the members of the Anthroposophical Society a modern form of self-knowledge based on the Delphic call “Know Yourself”. The Meditation is structured around the threefold membering of the human being which Rudolf Steiner first described in 1917 in his book “Riddles of the Soul”. This shows how the human being lives differently in their nerve/sense system, their rhythmic system and their metabolic/ limb system and connects with the Trinity and the heavenly Hierarchies, which works directly into the reality of daily life.
The rhythms of the Foundation Stone Meditation given at the Christmas Conference were presented as short “constellations” and are intended to be meditated according to the days of the week. Through these, the meditant connects with the zeitgeist Michael who lives in the rhythm, as the above quote indicates.
We will work with the three gestures contained in the exercises and try to understand them against the background of the Trinity and the Hierarchies and explore the connection to the zeitgeist Michael.
There will be a lecture and short contributions, conversations in smaller groups, exercises, and eurythmy with Coralee Frederickson.
Everyone is most welcome to join this event but please note that a basic understanding of anthroposophy will be assumed.

Please email: for the booking form.
If you have any questions, you can call the Office: 0207 723 4400.

The conference fee is £25, which is a contribution towards the cost of the conference. As places are limited kindly consider booking early.

Coralee Frederickson, Ph.D. is Professor of Eurythmy and co-carrier of the Master’s in Educational Research (Eurythmy). She has participated in performances of the Foundation Stone in eurythmy in German, English and Norwegian.