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  • Friday 1st November
    7.30pm - 8.45pm
    Christian Art is full of the representation of those who have died, especially the saints and martyrs. The artists and people of the early Christian centuries felt themselves in communion with these highly developed individuals who had preceded them. Further, the celebration of a meal with the dead was an important festival for them. Later, artists as diverse as Raphael, Blake and Picasso felt themselves inspired by those they loved who had died before them. We will consider what our relationship to the dead is, not only in our creative working but also in our everyday thoughts and activity.
  • Friday 6th December
    7.30pm - 8.45pm
    Brueghel, the much-loved Flemish painter of the Seasons and Festivals, also expresses the runic quality of northern European art in his paintings. We do have many of his works in the UK so this is a good chance to see the range of his work, some of which are as fantastical as those of Bosch.
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