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A series of eight evenings aimed at people in their 20s and 30s with an interest in spirituality, but all are welcome. Each evening will be a blend of teaching and activities, usually with some connection to Anthroposophy, a contemporary spiritual path created by Rudolf Steiner for people who want both to develop themselves spiritually and to help the world. You are welcome to attend all the evenings, or your own selection. Hosted by Alex Wright. Further info: Contribution: £10 (£7 students)

  • Thursday 6th February
    7.30pm - 9pm
    with Inessa Burdich
    In these days of materialism and intellect our feelings can become sidelined, yet it is increasingly recognised that they play a significant role in our wellbeing and affect our physical health. Our emotional body (astral body) is visible to clairvoyant research to determine how it changes with age, illness and profession, also how it is affected by life crises, our daily habits and negative spiritual influences. We will also look at practical steps to control our feelings and maintain equanimity.
    Inessa graduated as a physicist, then spent 20 years in business. She has been an active meditator for over 30 years and is a professional supersensible researcher specialising in diagnosing the spiritual components of cancer, psychosomatic illnesses, vaccination, addiction and autistic spectrum disorder.
    All welcome, no need to book. Tickets £10 (£7 students)
    For further information please see
  • Thursday 13th February
    7.30pm - 9pm
    with Nir Halfon
    Conventional horticulture sees plant growing as an act of chemistry, organics sees the plant as growing within the soil, biodynamics sees the plant as growing within the soil and in touch with the cosmos, and with this understanding uses various methods to add the magic of vitality to the growing plants. Come and learn how to work with nature for a better planet and better food.
    Nir Halfon is the garden manager and farm director of Plaw Hatch Farm in Sussex, and a trustee of the Biodynamic Agriculture College. He has 20 years’ experience in biodynamic gardening.
    All welcome, no need to book. Tickets £10 (£7 students)
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  • Thursday 20th February
    7.30pm - 9pm
    With Richard Heys
    Working with the warmth of pastels on a coloured background we will layer and build a sense of place through veils of colour. By slowly developing these colour fields an in-scape or inner landscape arises. We will work to nurture this unique sense of place, bringing it to greater clarity by enriching the colour and developing a contrasting strength of tone. This is a practical workshop. Limited numbers so please book online or by calling RSH office.
    Richard is a practising artist exhibiting regularly in the South East and London. He works to bring presence into painting, a soul-space or countenance, which may live on in the mind of the viewer. He tutors from his studio at Emerson College.
    All welcome, no need to book. Tickets £10 (£7 students) Twitter: richard.heysartist
  • Thursday 27th February
    7.30pm - 9pm
    With Jonathan Code
    Does alchemy have a contemporary relevance? It is increasingly clear the solutions to the challenges we face today are not going to be solved if we limit ourselves to the kinds of thinking which brought them about in the first place. What can alchemical principles contribute to the ‘wicked problems’ of today? We will see what can be distilled from the symbolic imagery of medieval alchemical emblems to rectify and transform our understanding, and maybe even ourselves.
    Jonathan is Director of Crossfields Learning, a department of Crossfields Europa. He has a deep interest in consciousness studies, the western esoteric tradition, holistic and natural sciences, gardening and education. His book Muck and Mind; Encountering Biodynamic Agriculture is distributed by Lindisfarne / Floris books. He is editor and co-author of Crafting: Transforming Materials and the Maker (publication pending), and is a practising plant alchemist.
    All welcome, no need to book. Tickets £10 (£7 students)
  • Thursday 5th March
    7.30pm - 9pm
    with Are Thoresen
    Many people have a relationship with the technology they use, to the extent that they may feel that their car or computer has some degree of personality. Are Thoresen maintains that this perception may not be fanciful but reflects a hidden reality. He will describe the presence of entities within machines and technology which are susceptible to negative spiritual influences and how they can be positively transformed. This talk will be followed by a practical workshop on 7th & 8th March at Emerson College,
    Are is a Norwegian vet and acupuncturist with significant clairvoyant capacity and spiritual experience. He runs an independent holistic healing practice and is the author of Demons and Healing and Translocation.
    All welcome, no need to book. Tickets £10 (£7 students)
  • Thursday 12th March
    7.30pm - 9pm
    with Denise Gell
    Come and experience moving the gestures of each of the signs of the zodiac and their corresponding sounds on a geometric form. Sacred movement is a way of appreciating these powerful but somewhat enigmatic forces in our lives. Please bring soft soled shoes and clothes to move in.
    Denise has performed and taught in a variety of venues over the last 20 years and currently works as a Eurythmy therapist offering one to one sessions
    For further information, please contact 07904 858 081
  • Thursday 19th March
    7.30pm - 9pm
    With Anne de Wild
    A biography is the life of a human being from birth to death. When we think of an animal we can’t speak of a biography because the freedom humans have in acting and thinking has no parallel in animals. A person’s biography is not simply the sequence of days and years filled with incidents or occurrences that comprise their lifespan. Rather it’s a vessel that holds within itself secrets that reveal themselves when working and connecting with one’s own biography. Everything in life can be decisive and yet, when it happens, you often don’t know the full extent of its meaning.
    Anne is a naturopath and biography worker in Basel, Switzerland. She devotes the majority of her working life to biography and social art to show her clients and participants in her lectures that their lives are full of wonder and that they can draw courage from this for the challenges of everyday life. Artful listening and humour are the main ingredients she works with.
    All welcome, no need to book. Tickets £10 (£7 students)
  • Thursday 26th March
    7.30pm - 9pm
    With Trude Lauksund
    Bring along your favourite knitted or woven garment that has been cruelly munched by moths or worn through by elbow or toe, and through the magic of darning make it wearable once more. All materials provided, though if you do have some yarn of the right colour then why not bring it along. A practical workshop. Limited numbers so please book in advance (online or call RSH Office).
    Trude, a Nordic Knitter from Norway, is now the biodynamic gardener at Emerson College, East Sussex, and has a lifelong love of craft and sustainability.
    All welcome, no need to book. Tickets £10 (£7 students)
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