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A series of eight evenings aimed at people in their 20s and 30s with an interest in spirituality, but all are welcome. Each evening will be a blend of teaching and activities, usually with some connection to Anthroposophy, a contemporary spiritual path created by Rudolf Steiner for people who want both to develop themselves spiritually and to help the world. You are welcome to attend all the evenings, or your own selection. Hosted by Alex Wright. Further info: Contribution: £10 (£7 students)

  • Thursday 24th October
    7.30pm - 9pm
    With Wim Wolbrink
    People who have near-death experiences often mention tunnels and bright light. People who say they are consciously in contact with angels also say that angels are beings of light and love. To observe the work of angels we start in everyday life with special ‘coincidental’ phenomena. We will also look at what is present in our feelings and how thoughts come to our mind. By these means we will arrive at the supra-physical domain of the angels.
    The workshop also discusses what mankind can mean for the angelic world.Wim is the director of the Dutch National Storytelling School. A storyteller and storytelling teacher for more than 20 years, he organises storytelling festivals and workshops mainly in Japan, Belgium, UK and the Netherlands. Through these festivals he brought thousands of people together around such themes as Freedom, the Threefold Social Order, and Karma and Reincarnation,

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  • Thursday 31st October
    7.30pm - 9pm
    With Ralf Roessner
    Water is both commonplace and mysterious, fundamental to life, and according to Paracelsus, is life itself. It affects us physically, psychologically and spirituality because it has such a great capacity as a carrier of energies. Healing springs and wells were known in antiquity and this is a resurgent spiritual science today.Ralf has 20 years’ experience as a researcher of the esoteric life of water and developer of vortexing products to revivify what comes out of your taps. He is also a former Steiner School Art teacher and biodynamic farmer of light root.
  • Thursday 7th November
    7.30pm - 9pm
    With Hannes Kaiser
    Even conventional scientists know that sound can affect matter. Rudolf Steiner explained the connection between sound and the creation of matter, including the form of the human body. In this experiential workshop we will explore in a playful way the different qualities of the sounds that compose human language and see how poets have used specific sounds to enrich their works. Bring a short poem or an excerpt if you like.Hannes is a graduate of the 4 year Artemis School of Speech & Drama course, a former Steiner School Class Teacher and a musician and choir leader.

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  • Thursday 14th November
    7.30pm - 9pm
    With Rachel Aharon
    A practical workshop working with charcoal to explore the polarity of light and warmth and the creative space that opens when they meet. Light & warmth each have their archetypal movements which have a relationship to our soul and body, and in their meeting the invisible can be made substantial. All materials provided.Rachel completed both the Foundation Year in Anthroposophy and the Creative Year at Harduf in Israel, as well as the Emerson Visual Arts course at Emerson College in Sussex. She is currently training in Emerald Art Therapy in the Hague, Netherlands, developed by Liane Collot d’Herbois and Dr Ita Wegman.

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  • Thursday 21st November
    7.30pm - 9pm
    With Trude Lauksund
    In this practical workshop you will make a Christmas wreath entirely from natural compostable materials for you to take away. Trude has a method of attaching greenery without the use of wire for an especially green Christmas. This evening is £15 to cover all material costs. Limited numbers so please book in advance (online or call RSH office).Trude, originally from Arctic Norway within a day’s sledge ride from Father Christmas’s global distribution centre, is now the biodynamic gardner at Emerson College, East Sussex and has a lifelong love of craft, especially when it involves natural materials.

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