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Study Groups, In-depth Classes and Performing Arts Classes

We have a variety of regular study groups held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays dedicated to exploring the works of Rudolf Steiner.
In addition there are classes available on creative speech, drama and Eurythmy. In-depth subjects classes on the themes brought by Rudolf Steiner are also offered.


With Trevor Dance
Jan 8th, Jan 22nd; Feb 5th, Feb 19th & Mar 5th
7pm to 8.30pm. £3/£2 concessions.
Theosophy, in four accessible chapters, is Steiner's in-depth study of the spiritual make-up of the human being. It is a potent force for awakening spiritual capacities. Trevor is a study group leader; writer and lecturer.

From Jesus to Christ
With Dr Sue Peat and Adrian Hotten
Jan 15, 29; Feb 12, 26; Mar 12, 26
7.15pm to 9pm. £3/£2 concessions.
These wonderful enlightening lectures by Rudolf Steiner offers new understanding of the life, death and resurrection of Christ and its meaning for the earth and its relevance for our lives in the 21st century.
Sue and Adrian are long term students of the work of Rudolf Steiner. Sue is a medical consultant with a specialist interest in pain control, and Adrian is a retired accountant.
Tel 07770 577372
The Gospel of St Luke
With Brendan McQuillan
Jan 23, Jan 30; Feb 6, Feb 13, Feb 20, Feb 27; Mar 6, Mar 13, Mar 20, Mar 27.
7.15pm to 9pm. £3/£2 concessions.
Steiner considered the power of love to be revealed more clearly in the St Luke's Gospel than in any other Christian document. We will be studying the amazing insights Steiner gave in his lectures. Brendan has edited publications of Steiner's lectures, including
'The East in the Light of the West'.
Tel: 0208 444 7266

Creative Speech and Drama
With Geoff Norris
6.30pm - 8.30pm (Weekly)
A series of classes integrating the artistic in­spirations of Rudolf Steiner, Michael Chekhov and other theatre and voice innovators to liberate individual creativity.
T: 07552 701 155
The Riddles of Philosophy
With Trevor Dance
Jan 10th, Jan 24th; Feb 7th, Feb 21st, Mar 7th 2pm to 4pm. £3/£2 concessions.
This book traces the history of western philosophy from the time of the Greeks
to the 19th century. It is concerned with the spiritual currents which underpin the stream of ideas and theories from an anthroposophical perspective.
Christianity as Mystical Fact
With William Bishop
2-4pm: Jan 17, 31, Feb 14, 28,
March 14, 28
Donation £3/£2 concessions.
Rudolf Steiner completed this book when he was forty (1901). It represents a turning point in the evolution of his life. It deals with the evolution of Christianity from its beginnings in the ancient pre-Christian mysteries through to the Greek philosophers, on to the incarnation of the Christ.

The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness
With Brendan McQuillan
Jan 24, Jan 31; Feb 7, Feb 14, Feb 21, Feb 28; Mar 7, Mar 14, Mar 21, Mar 28
4:15pm to 6pm. £3/£2 concessions.
We shall be reading selected Steiner lectures from 1917 /18 that reveal the outcomes of the victory in heaven in 1879 of the time­spirit Michael (St George) over forces of the Dragon. Brendan has edited publications of Steiner's lectures, including 'The East in the Light of the West:
Tel: 0208 444 7266