With steps having been set out to ease lockdown in stages, we are very glad that we can again hold events in our various meeting rooms, provided that the requirements for spacial distancing and the wearing of masks are observed.

The Library is open again on Saturdays.

As from 17 May the Theatre has reopened at half capacity, up to 110 people. Masks need to be worn and spacial distancing observed in accordance with Government guidelines.

From 21 June  the Theatre can reopen to full capacity and limits on social contact will be lifted.

These dates have been set subject to certain conditions having been met at each stage. Therefore, please follow public announcements or contact Ilona in the Office if you wish to check the current status. The Office is open each weekday between 9am – 5.30pm and can be contacted by phone: 020 7723 4400, or email: or

We very much look forward to seeing you again and to resuming the work and activities at Rudolf Steiner House. The last year has been highly challenging for many people, raising questions regarding health, wellbeing, being human, community, climate, democracy, civil responsibility, the importance of art and culture and much else. We hope that at Rudolf Steiner House those touched by such issues will gather, explore and discover ways to a more enlightened future.

With very best wishes,

Marjatta van Boeschoten,

on behalf of the management at Rudolf Steiner House. 

What's coming up at Rudolf Steiner House

“Our striving must be built upon trust and love for humanity - although it does not begin there. Rather, it must flow out of the soul’s own forces. And this love for humanity must gradually expand into love for all beings, and indeed for all existence.”

Rudolf Steiner