Resurgence Festival of Wellbeing

From Economic Growth to Growth in Wellbeing

Saturday 27th October 2018

10am - 6pm

A day of inspiring speakers and entertainment, exploring wellbeing from a range of angles including environmental, social, personal and political.

Satish Kumar, editor emeritus, Resurgence & Ecologist says: “The philosophy and message of Rudolf Steiner is most relevant at this time, particularly when we are going through so many crises and so many people are feeling so lost. There is so much wisdom and useful insights within Steiner philosophy with plenty of ideals for our time. In a subtle and indirect way Resurgence is trying to examine wellbeing. Because of this, it is so fi tting that both our organisations are collaborating to organise this event. I am most grateful to Rudolf Steiner House for their immense assistance with this event. We need to all continue to work together to create ecological and spiritual wellbeing.”

Resurgence’s Festival of Wellbeing is now in its seventh year and has always been a sell-out success, exploring wellbeing from many angles including personal, social, political and environmental.

Speakers in previous years have included Rowan Williams, Monty Don, Satish Kumar, Tony Juniper, Ben Okri, Ruth Padel, Vandana Shiva, Caroline Lucas MP, Lord Richard Layard, Fiona Reynolds, Rupert Sheldrake, Leo Johnson and Jonathon Porritt.

The Festival is subtitled ‘From economic growth to growth in wellbeing’. The Resurgence Trust believes that economic growth for its own sake is not enough and wellbeing cannot be ignored.

This year’s speakers are all experts in their fields and will explore the overall theme of wellbeing. In addition, the day will include poetry and Indian classical music. A ‘poetry pharmacy’ will take place whereby those wishing to, will be ‘prescribed’ on an individual basis, poetry to turn to for any current feeling or experience they might be ecountering. There will also be two panel discussions with questions and answers from the audience.

A key part of ‘wellbeing’ is, of course, Goethe and his extensive and much-valued body of work, which Satish Kumar will be drawing on in his talk on the day.

Satish Kumar says: “Goethe continues to inspire the work of The Resurgence Trust. He was one of the rare holistic thinkers who combined poetry and ambition with science and reason. His work has, and continues to, inspire Resurgence to make it a more holistic publication. In my talk at this year’s Festival of Wellbeing, I will speak on the importance and relevance of Goethe today.”

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Tickets for the one-day event are £35 per person or £30 concessions. There will also be a wonderful vegetarian lunch for £10, kindly sponsored by the Vaults and Garden Café, Oxford.

Book £5 off your tickets for this exceptional event using the code: VFW18 via or telephone 01237 441 293