Science, Spirit and Artificial Intelligence

With Nicanor Perlas

Saturday 21st July 2018

10am - 4pm

Science, Spirit and Artificial Intelligence

A workshop with Alternative Nobel Prize winner Nicanor Perlas

Worldviews define the fate of civilisations and human existence.  For thousands of years humanity had a spiritual worldview. Today, materialism seems to be at its height.  However, in reality, materialism is losing ground in almost all domains of human existence.  A second, more spiritual, scientific and philosophical revolution is reclaiming sacred ground in such areas as physics, biology, linguistics, psychology, philosophy, astrophysics and neuroscience.


Join us in exploring the new scientific spirituality that has emerged.  Understand why these findings give us a clue as to who we really are, what our deeper tasks may be, and how humanity may be saved from potential extinction due to the rapid emergence of Artificial Super Intelligence, courtesy of one-sided materialism.


The workshop will also discuss how these amazing discoveries can help us improve all aspects of our lives — our initiatives, relationships, health, work, our future and how to create a better world.



Nicanor Perlas is an author, consultant and global resource person and speaker on integral sustainable development, the new and more spiritual sciences, artificial intelligence, societal threefolding and self-mastery. He has been a plenary speaker on a diverse range of topics in over 100 global conferences in 25 countries and 130 national conferences in the Philippines. He has advised UN agencies, government departments, local chief executives, social enterprises and large businesses. He headed several global and national civil society networks, educating citizens worldwide on their inherent power to create a better world. He has written over 500 articles, monographs, and books including Shaping Globalization: Civil Society, Cultural Power and Threefolding, an international bestseller, translated into nine languages. Perlas was a presidential candidate of the Philippines in 2010 and worked as an Undersecretary (Deputy Minister) for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the country in 2016. He is currently writing three books on artificial intelligence and its implications for the future of humanity. For the national and global impact of his work, he has been given, among others, the Outstanding Filipino Award (TOFIL), UNEP’s Global 500 Award and the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize). 

£25. Concession £20, Students £15.

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