Finding Stillness

With Mike Buckley

Sunday 27th October 2019

10am - 4pm

A guided discovery of how to re-connect with your true self and find a lasting peace of mind.

Simple guided meditations and transformative insights help bring about an experience of deep peace, which is not dependent on circumstances, and an understanding of life where everything falls into place.

The day will include some tai chi breathing practices.

Give yourself the gift of a day in a small group setting of like-hearted people.

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Tickets are £75 and places are limited to a maximum of 14.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the day
Mobile: 07931 986168

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 “Mike's clear and delightful approach to Stillness soothes like a warm bath whilst rocking my sense of self to the core. I felt transformed from the workshop - both from the content and from his powerful example of 'being' the Stillness he was intending to guide us to.” - Scott McGregor

Mike has been practising tai chi and meditation since 1990. He has been a Samaritan and currently teaches a tai chi class for a cancer support charity.

He has also been using the process of helping people find their true self to help NHS patients at a local gp surgery to overcome anxiety, depression, lack of self worth, overwhelming emotions etc. There are reports of the success of these schemes which are available on request. Mike now delivers this service for the Mid Powys branch of Mind - the national mental health charity.