The Human Organism And The Plant World – A Healing Relationship

With Dagmar Steffelbauer

Tuesday 8th October 2019

6pm - 8pm

' study the profoundly different gestures of the plant world becomes a living and speaking as the physiognomy and gestures of a human being…' Rudolf Steiner (GA 136, 4th lecture)
Dagmar will talk about the Lemon and the Chamomille and how to gain an understanding for their healing potential, in combination with the technique of applications or compresses.
Dagmar Steffelbauer is a General Nurse and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapeut. She has been studying anthroposophically  orientated nursing and working in anthroposophically orientated hospitals for 25 years in Germany.
£5 on the door.
Everybody interested is warmly welcome!
For further information, email Dagmar: