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  • Sunday 9 May
    11am - 6pm
    With Sarah Kane
    In total this is a nine-month part-time artistic exploration of Michael Chekhov’s approach to acting and theatre for actors/performers, from September 2020–May 2021.
    The nine sessions aim to introduce participants to - and deepen their understanding of - the strongly creative and highly artistic techniques developed by Russian actor Michael Chekhov in the middle of the twentieth century.
    Their purpose is to inspire and empower actors for their future work.
    They have been growing in popularity in the UK since the 1990s.
    Workshop fees: 1 workshop £35/ concessions: £30;  3 workshops £90/ concessions: £75; 9 workshops £220/ concessions: £180
    Sarah Kane is the Co-Founder of the Michael Chekhov Centre UK (now Michael Chekhov UK) and of MICHA USA.
    For further information and bookings E: or W: