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  • Friday 18th October
    7pm - 8.30pm
    With Philip Martyn
    Rudolf Steiner gave many simple mental exercises for pulling together our thinking, feeling and our ability to exercise our will power. In this interactive session Philip Martyn will go through some of these exercises and we can practice a few of them to get a feel for how it is to work in this way and what effect these exercises can have. Practiced regularly they offer us the possibility of being more awake, more positive and less stressed in our daily lives. Philip Martyn is a retired lawyer who has served on the council of the Anthroposophical Society and as co General Secretary.
  • Friday 25th October
    7pm - 8.30pm
    With Andrew Welburn
    Transformation is unsettling, not always dignified, means taking risks and sometimes backfires. But without it we are going nowhere, and the Mysteries are always a journey. An ancient initiate called his parable of life The Golden Ass, with the message that just when things seem at their worst the answer can first clearly be seen. Our own time is darker than most, but for us too the gold may be there waiting to be found. Andrew Welburn has been an academic in the fields of English Literature and biblical interpretation and history. A lifelong anthroposophist, he has written several books on Steiner’s philosophy, esotericism and Christianity, and on the prophet Zarathustra.
  • Friday 8th November
    7pm - 8.30pm
    With Peter van Breda
    How does the future form itself for individuals, nations and indeed for the whole of our world? As individuals are we simply following, or not following, the will of Divine powers and where does our own will play into these futures? We may see deeds of consecration as something just for those with a deep connection to religion, but as is often said even the most mundane task, carried out rightly, can become a prayer and have a pivotal influence on our future and that of others. Peter Van Breda lives in London and is a priest of The Christian Community - a movement for religious renewal.
  • Friday 22nd November
    7pm - 8.30pm
    With Margli Matthews
    When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. Lao Tzu Through conscious work with our biography, the seemingly random happenings of our lives begin to reveal a path of transformation leading towards the reality of who we are. Each person we meet along the way becomes a messenger. Every phase poses essential questions and challenges. Each turn of the road gives a glimpse of our true story. Who is writing this story? Biography work opens a way to get in touch with the author of this strange tale in which we find ourselves. Learning to read the language of the events and meetings that come to us, we can transform them into new faculties and values and find confidence and creativity for the future. In this seminar we will build an imagination of the aims and nature of biography work and, calling on our own experiences, explore the forces of transformation at work in the different phases of our lives. Margli Matthews is a biographical counsellor, supervisor and trainer with over 30 years’ experience in private practice and adult education. She taught for many years at Emerson College and was director of the Training in Biographical Counselling. She is a contributor to the book Lifeways and coauthor of Ariadne’s Awakening.
  • Friday 29th November
    7pm - 8.30pm
    With Dr. Pablo Jeczmien
    We have all experienced some form of trauma in our lives and how we respond to both the events and the memory of them is critical in helping form our approach to the future. We may feel ourselves to be passive recipients of life events that have left us with severe psychological scars that seem impossible to heal or transform – maybe even causing well recognised psychological disabilities such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, phobias or extreme depression. Using the insights Rudolf Steiner has offered into the spiritual make up and karma of the human being Pablo will explore how our response and approach to these events can be worked with and transformed into something useful and helpful – both for ourselves and for others. Dr Pablo Jeczmien is a consultant psychiatrist and anthroposophical psychotherapist working within the NHS and privately. He has a comprehensive knowledge of Anthroposophic medicine.
  • Friday 13th December
    8am - 5pm
    With Louise Sofair
    Rudolf Steiner described how for ages of time humanity felt itself to be a feminine community. Gradually, as independent thinking and logical reasoning developed, humanity became more and more reliant on sensory observation, systems and laws – and inherent human wisdom was no longer trusted. How did the Christ Being address this during his life on earth and, in particular, in his meetings with women? How did he transform the ‘feminine’ stream for the future of humanity and where do we see this working today?
    Louise Sofair is a mother of four who lives in Hertfordshire. She was an upper school teacher of drama and religion in a Waldorf-Steiner school for many years, is the author of the book Women with Christ and a member of The Christian Community in London with a long-term interest in Anthroposophy.
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