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  • Monday 11 July
    7pm - 8pm

    with Dr. Sue Peat

    This book outlines a sure path from the everyday world of physical existence into a living, personal experience of the spiritual world. We will be carefully following the text together, discussing how we may best apply the spiritual exercises Rudolf Steiner outlines in it to our own lives and experiencing how working with these exercises can be a transformative experience.

    All are very welcome, whether you are new to the work of Steiner, or have worked with these exercises before.

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  • Friday 15 July
    7pm - 8.30pm

    with Peter Van Breda

    Is hope just a wild fantasy that in reality can never be fulfilled? Should we take care with what we hope for, or perhaps never allow ourselves to hope for anything? The Foundation Stone invites us to open ourselves to a deep power of hope that is relevant and present and can be consciously cultivated in our spiritual lives.

    Peter Van Breda lives in London and is a priest of The Christian Community, a movement for religious renewal.

    Voluntary donations towards costs and overheads are gratefully received and can be made by transfer to a Nationwide account held for this purpose. Account name: Adrian Hotten, sort code: 07-01-16 account number: 31466776 or via Paypal to

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