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  • Saturday 31 July

    Scenes from the Milton's Paradise Lost

    Performed by Patrick Dixon, Directed by Alexander J Gifford

    Free of charge, all welcome!

  • Wednesday 4 August 4.30pm - Sunday 8 August 12.45pm

    What is the Earth Asking of Us Now?

    In response to the increasing riddles and ongoing challenges of the present time, we warmly invite members and friends to come together in the spirit of inquiry to address questions arising from our experience of living through these unprecedented times. The programme is a weaving together of shared research, experiential work based on artistic and scientific disciplines, question-led conversation and artistic performance. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s insights into the living being of the earth, especially as portrayed in his St John Imagination, we wish to awaken a deeper sense of responsibility for our task in relationship to the Earth at this time.

    We will explore the Earth Mysteries, which Rudolf Steiner encountered in his visits to Ilkley and Penmaenmawr in the summer of 1923, and consider Daniel N Dunlop’s legacy, anthroposophist and founder of the World Power Conference (a precursor to the World Energy Conference). We will also concern ourselves with how we may foster regenerative cultures for the living earth. There will be opportunities to take part in artistic and other theme-related workshops, as well as engage in forums and conversation. There will also be plenty of time to reconnect with each other in the socially warm and natural environment of Emerson College. Through all, we will attempt to listen to what the Earth is asking of us now.

    We hope to see many of you at this Summer School, which bears this name in recognition of the tradition of Summer Schools which DN Dunlop first initiated for Rudolf Steiner’s visits to Britain in 1923 and 1924.

    Adrian Locher, Sarri Tapales and Annie Blampied-Radojcin

    To register, please book online via
    or download the form below:

    For the evening events open to local friends, no booking is required, and donations will be taken at the door to help cover the cost of the conference (suggested minimum donation: £10 per single event).

    Emerson College, Forest Row, Sussex RH18 5JX E:
    cover image: The Druid Stone Sketch by Rudolf Steiner 192

  • Wednesday 25 August 1pm - Sunday 29 August 1pm

    How to Know Spiritual Beings?

    The 19 Mantras of the School of Spiritual Science

    This 5-day conference will focus on the question of how to meet and know spiritual beings. We need to transform our consciousness to recognise the spiritual beings who are always around us, in us and accompany us in our growing responsibility for our planet, civilisation, society and humanness. In working and living with the exercises and meditations of this inner path, we may learn how to discern their different qualities and intentions and to consciously decide how to relate to these beings.

    The whole path of the 19 mantras has been given by Rudolf Steiner to help us in this transformation of consciousness; to open our awareness to the reality of the spiritual world and its beings; to realise the necessity of discerning and relating, so that we can decide in full consciousness, freedom and responsibility how to answer the Guardian’s questions and how to continue on the path. Therefore, we have placed the mantra of the 14th Class Lesson at the centre as it is here that we are asked to experience how to discern, decide and ultimately to relate to the Christ. The wholeness of the spiritual path of the 1st Class will be approached from this standpoint.

    This conference is offered as a support in meeting the crisis that humanity is facing at this time so that spiritual beings can help us with this challenging task. We wish to undertake this transformational journey together with you and hope that many of you will join us in this endeavour.

    1. Discerning and relating – life and spiritual striving Constanza Kaliks
    2. Creating new perspectives and approaches for Class work Joan
      Sleigh and Hazel Adams
    3. Meditation, life and work with the Class mantras Marjatta van
      Boeschoten, Bodo von Plato
    4. Forces and beings at work in our use of intelligence and digital
      technology – Robin Schmidt
    5. Lucifer and Ahriman as portrayed through the Mystery Dramas
      Adrian Locher
    6. The Rose Cross Meditation as a contemplation depicting good
      overcoming evil – Diana Pauli
    7. The Representative of Man – what is truth?
      Simon Blaxland-de Lange
      9.20am Sacred singing – Marilyn Edwards
      2.30pm Bothmer Movement – Katie Brayne
      2.30pm Eurythmy – Maren Stott
      On request Constanza Kaliks will hold her morning conversation
      groups in Spanish/Portuguese.

    In view of the special nature of this conference there is no set fee but a donation in the region of £100 would be greatly appreciated to help cover costs. This can be donated during the conference.


    Conference Information (PDF)

    Conference Schedule (PDF)

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  • Sunday 5 September
    1pm - 5pm

    House Tours

    Join us at Rudolf Steiner House, the only example of expressionist architecture in London, as part of the Open House London season.

    Free admission

    For more information:

  • Thursday 9 September
    7.30pm - 9pm

    Lecture by Are Thoresen

    In this talk Are Thoresen will describe the Nordic path of initiation from his own experience and the crossing of the Threshold between the material and spiritual worlds. He will also describe aspects of the three Elemental Realms which lie on the other side.

    The talk will be based on Are’s latest book The Northern Threshold and the Worlds Beyond.

    'My intention with this book is to describe the crossing of the threshold according to the northern stream of spirituality, and the spiritual realms traversed after such a crossing, which are the three elemental realms, the inner etheric world and then the outer etheric world.'

    'This threshold is not a definite line. It is more like a continuous change in your view and understanding of a spiritual reality that is the foundation of the totality of creation – although there are certain areas that feel more like a distinct threshold.'

    Are will be speaking again on the same theme at Emerson College on 10 September, followed by a weekend workshop which will focus on exercises and the way to travel the Nordic Path.

    Are Thoresen is a Norwegian veterinary surgeon and healer who has been clairvoyant from childhood. He has written several books on his spiritual findings and methods.  These can be understood in the context of the Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner, which was developed in the early 20th century as a path of knowledge and is known as Anthroposophy.

    £10 full price/  £7 students or members (please show ID at the door).

    Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite here: The Nordic Path of Initiation and the Three Elemental Realms Tickets, Thu, Sep 9, 2021 at 7:30 PM | Eventbrite

    Tickets can also be purchased for cash on the night.

    For further information, please contact Glenn Charles:  07554000280

  • Tuesday 12 October 9am - Friday 15 October 5pm

    with Sylvie Hetu or Mary Beattie

    Become an infant massage instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage. The most fulfilling work, contributing to a better world.

    Training is at Rudolf Steiner House with either Sylvie Hetu (international pioneer, parent lecturer, author, poet and anthroposophist), or Mary Beattie (IAIM international trainer and Massage in Schools instructor).

    Book now by contacting Mary: or 07528589859