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  • Saturday 18 December
    2pm - 5.30pm

    An experiential workshop and performance of the Paradise Play tith Geoffrey and Maria Norris

    WORKSHOP - Exploring the Paradise play 2pm
    With Geoff and Maria Norris

    PERFORMANCE - The Paradise Play 5.30pm
    With Geoff Norris as voice of God, Maria Norris (Eurythmy) as the Will of God, Matej Rybka as Angel Gabriel, Sebastian Diaz as Adam, Pei-Ling Ciao as Eva, Roger Lyon as The Devil, Pete Watts as The Treesinger. Music – Matthew Ratcliffe, Choir - Friends of Steiner House.

    The Paradise Play portrays creation and ‘the fall’ together with the spiritual forces that lie behind the events we see acted out on the stage. It prepares us to celebrate the birth of Christ and is the first of the Oberufer plays which were collected by Karl Julius Schroer, one of Rudolf Steiner's teachers. They were passed on by oral tradition from a community living on the island of Oberufer on the Danube. The three plays represent a unique survival of the medieval mystery play tradition and form a vibrant part of the life of many Steiner Waldorf schools. The workshop (for adults) will offer the opportunity to experience the play in song, speech and eurythmy and to explore how these art forms carry its message. The performance is suitable for adults and children over 7.

    Members initiative. Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain. Inquiries:-

    Further details please visit

    Further details please visit

    ALL WELCOME! No booking required. Donations at the door in support of the London Steiner School.

    Come for just the workshop, just the play or come for both.

  • Friday 24 December 4.30pm - Friday 7 January 8.30pm

    Friday 24  4.30 - 6pm Advent Spiral Celebration with Lyre Music. With Denise Gell and Sue Peat (suitable for adults and children of all ages). At Rudolf Steiner House

    Monday 27  7 - 9pm The Christmas Carol Zoom Performance. With Matt Dexter (Meeting ID: 826 3212 9836 Passcode: 755359). Zoom Conversation

    Tuesday 28  2.30 - 4pm  From Goethe and Blake to Anthroposophy. With Trevor Dance. At Rudolf Steiner House

    Wednesday 29  7 - 8.30pm  Working with the Rhythms of the Foundation Stone Meditation. With Tom Hart-Shea (Meeting ID: 826 3212
    9836 Passcode: 755359). Zoom Conversation

    Thursday 30  7 - 8.30pm  'What Dreams May Come' - A Holy Nights Journey in Poetry and Music. With Kit Kidman (recitation) and Fabian
    Lochner (piano). At Rudolf Steiner House

    Friday 31  3 - 4.30pm  The Fire, The Representative of Humanity, and Homelessness. With Andrew Wolpert. At Rudolf Steiner House

    Saturday 1  2.30 - 4pm  Looking back on 2021 and looking forward to 2022. With Peter Van Breda and Sue Peat (Meeting ID: 826 3212 9836
    Passcode: 755359). Zoom Conversation

    Monday 3  7 - 8.30pm  Transformation. With Eric Klein. At Rudolf Steiner House

    Tuesday 4  7 – 8.30pm  Jesus-Vidar-Buddha and on to Christmas 2023. With Diana Reynolds. At Rudolf Steiner House

    Wednesday 5  3.45 – 5pm  Looking at Paintings of the Nativity. With David Lowe. Booking essential At the
    National Gallery

    Wednesday 5  7 – 8.30pm  Raphael’s Karmic Relationships. With David Lowe, Debbie Elliott, Simon Pelling and Margitta Ogundare. At Rudolf Steiner House

    Thursday 6  7 - 8.30pm  Epiphany: The Coming of the Kings and the Baptism. An exploration of the theme illustrated with works by Botticelli, Leonardo and Piero della Francesca. With Andrew Wolpert. At Rudolf Steiner House

    All are welcome to join us. Current COVID guidelines will be observed and meetings may be transferred to zoom or re-arranged at short notice.

    Donations towards expenses and bring and share light refreshments gratefully received. For full details please visit

    Adrian Hotten

    Dr. Sue Peat

    Donation towards expenses welcome